FirstPres Kids exists to connect kids to Christ and grow them spiritually through love, play, teaching and discipleship.  Sunday School is held every Sunday at 10 AM in the FirstPres Kids room for children kindergarten through 6th grades and in room 10 for pre-schoolers who are potty-trained. We also provide loving care on Sunday mornings for toddlers and infants in room 14.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Be Together - 1 or 2x / month

* Lead 10 minute Worship * Greet Families

* Lead 10 minute Mini Lesson for K-5 * Safe Return to Families

* Lead Drama to Bring the Bible to Life * Pray with Teachers

* Hold a baby & read with a toddler * Play with a Preschooler    

Small Group Teacher or Assistant: K-1 /  2nd-3rd / 4th-5th

Behind the Scenes - 1 or 2x / month

Set Up Rooms (before church)     Supply Closet maintain Donate supplies

Reset Rooms (after church)   Update rosters & nametags Toy wash

Make Snacks for Sunday School

Design Arts & Crafts or Games Design the Library space / Maintain the books

Design Room Upgrades - build, paint, bulletin boards, decorate, dream!

For more information, please email our interim Children's Ministry Director, Stephanie at