The proposed Tiny Homes as Emergency Housing Facility project seeks to build six mobile housing units in the FirstPres Hayward parking lot to help homeless individuals transition from homeless to housed. These units serve as temporary, transitional housing for 6-12 individuals. To be eligible for one of these units, the residents would need to be homeless within the unincorporated Alameda County. FirstPres Hayward will identify, screen, and recruit eligible applicants by leveraging existing relationships with community partners, such as Community Resources for Independent Living, South Hayward Parish, and Abode Services, that currently work with homeless individuals and families.


Residents will be eligible for up to 18 months of residency, with monthly rent set at $200 for the initial quarter of residence. After each completed quarter of residence, monthly rent will increase by an additional $200. Rent from the initial quarter of residence will be utilized to cover the cost of utilities and overhead program costs. Rent collected over and above these costs will be deposited into a savings account for the resident. This would result in a resident transitioning out of the program with $6000. When the resident is ready to transition to formal and long-term housing, they will thus have funds available to afford a deposit on stable housing equal to the standard first and last month's rent of a new residence.


Each Tiny Home is the ideal size for one person, but could accommodate two. The dimensions of the structures are 8'-6" by 20'. One of the residents would be selected to serve as a Resident Advisor to help support and connect residents to all available resources. Chizu Buckalew, who has been overseeing all of the homeless services at FirstPres Hayward, will manage the units and hire the needed case worker, in partnership with Alameda County.


If you would like more information on the Tiny Homes Project, please contact our Christian Community Development Director, Chizu Buckalew at chizu@firstpreshayward.com.